back-coverI am a singer/songwriter from North Connemara and my music reflects the dramatic landscape that surrounds me; majestic mountains and blanket bog that sweeps down to the wild Atlantic.

Seven years ago my life changed dramatically when I met “the man of my dreams”. He asked me to sail with him to Brazil.  We sailed from Dingle under a full moon on the 16th of Sept 2008 just before the banking crisis hit. With Fungi, Dingle’s famous dolphin, playing in our bow wave, it was a surreal beginning to the adventure of a lifetime.

We sailed for 4 years, going all the way to Argentina, back up to North Brazil and on up to the Guyana’s, a mad cap journey up the Essequibo river, the third largest in South America and then on up to Tobago and the Caribbean where we eventually parted ways.

Having no previous sailing experience, my decision to stow away with a man I had only known for a year was probably rather rash. However as I said at the time “what’s the worst that can happen?”, we could sink, be raided by pirates, get caught in a horrific storm or “we” could go wrong. Well we didn’t, despite a few close shaves, sink or get waylaid by pirates, the worst weather we experienced was a mere gale with some heavy seas, but we did after 4 very intense years of living together on a 44ft yacht “go wrong”.

The hardest day of my life was leaving my home, the boat and my relationship. I arrived back in Dublin airport in a pair of badly misshapen tracksuit bottoms and a worn out fleece with a shattered heart, a sea salted guitar and not much else. I headed back west to the barren lands. That was Feb 1st 2012. This EP is the coloured glass and tiny shells that I brought back from my adventures. I hope you enjoy it.